Professor F.O. Ogundare

Personal Profile

Professor F.O. Ogundare F.O. Ogundare, B.Sc. (Ife), M.Sc., Ph.D. (Ibadan)


Radiation & Health Physics

Office: Room 111, Upper Vestible, Main Building, Department of Physics


Awards and Commendations:_____


  1. Thermoluminescence of kunzite: A study of kinetic processes and dosimetry characteristics Ogundare, F.O., Alatishe, M.A., Chithambo, M.L., Costin, G. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 2016
  2. He+ induced changes in the surface structure and optical properties of RF-sputtered amorphous alumina thin films Ogundare, F.O., Olarinoye, I.O. Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 2015
  3. Improving the stoichiometry of RF-sputtered amorphous alumina thin films by thermal annealing Olarinoye, O., Ogundare, F. International Journal of Materials Research 2015
  4. Radionuclide content of, and radiological hazards associated with, samples from the different streams of metal recycling facilities Ogundare, F.O., Nwankwo, C.U. 2015

Current Research