Professor I.P. Farai

Personal Profile

Professor L.A Hussain I.P. Farai, B.Sc. (Nig.) M.Sc., Ph.D. (Ibadan)


Radiation and Health Physics

Office: Room 129, Main Building, Department of Physics


Awards and Commendations:Regional Training Course on Radiation Protection, Cairo Egypt June/July, 1988
Regional Training Course on Management of Spent Sealed Sources, Nairobi Kenya, April 1991
Regional Training Course on Control and Safe Use of Radiation Sources, Nairobi Kenya, Sept. / October 1992
IAEA Fellowship on Gamma Spectroscopy, Rockwell International, Canoga Park, California. USA, January - April 1995.
IAEA Fellowship on Radiation Dosimetry, Malaysian Inst. for Nuclear Technology Research, Kajang, Malaysia. Aug - Oct. 1997 (with certificate issued at the end of course)


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Current Research

Environmental Radiation Monitoring by TLD Technique Rn-222 Survey in Groundwater, in-door and in the general environment Measurement of Radioactivity in different environmental samples of different matrices. In-situ gamma spectroscopy for environmental radioactivity Patients’ Dose in Diagnostic Radiology and in Nuclear Medicine Soil Hydraulic conductivity in SW Nigeria.