Dr. O.E. Ogunsola

Personal Profile

Doctor O.E. Ogunsola B.Sc. (Ibadan), M.Sc.[Petroleum Engineering](Ibadan), M.Sc.[Physics](Ibadan), Ph.D[Physics](Ibadan)

Lecturer II

Atmospheric Physics

Office: Room 115, Upper Vestible, Main Building, Department of Physics

email: seyiogunsola22@yahoo.com

Awards and Commendations:Graduate Member, Nigerian Society if Engineers
Member, Nigerian Institute of Physics


  1. Ogunsola, O.E. and Olowofoyeku S.T. An Ideal Gas law Simulator for Atmospheric Gas Molecules, Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, 30, 203 - 208 (2015)
  2. Ogunsola, O.E. and Oladiran E.O. Emperical prediction of Temperature Anomalies over Tropical Pacific Ocean using Greenhouse Gas Conccentrations, Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics,28(1), 281-294. (2014)
  3. Ogunsola, O.E. and Oladiran E.O. The Use of Greenhouse Gases as Climate Proxy Data in Intepreting Climatic VariabilityAtmospheric and Climate Sciences, 3, 6-10. (2013)
  4. Adeniyi M.O. and Ogunsola, O.E. Assesment of the performance of the drag and bulk transfer method in estimating sensible and latenet heat fluxes in a tropical stationTheoretical and Applied Climatology, 107, 511-518. (2012)
  5. Ogunsola, O.E. and Oladiran E.O. Models of Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Over Tropical Africa using the Auto-Regresive Moving Average ApproachJournal of Science Research, 10(1), 80-89. (2011)

Current Research

* Modelling of the effects of CO2 and CH4 emissions on climate variability in the tropics
* Climate Variability and Greenhouse Gas Concentrations
* Use of Proxy data in determining climate change.