Dr. N.N. Jibiri

Personal Profile

Doctor N.N. Jibiri B.Sc. (Ibadan), Ph.D. (Manc.)


Radiation and Health Physics

Office: Room C8, C BLock, Department of Physics

email: jibirinn@yahoo.com

Awards and Commendations:______


  1. Dose assessments from the measured radioactivity in soil, rock, clay, sediment and food crop samples of an elevated radiation area in south-western Nigeria Jibiri, N.N., Isinkaye, M.O., Bello, I.A., Olaniyi, P.G. 2016 Environmental Earth Sciences
  2. Contributions of pre-exposure dose and thermal activation in pre-dose sensitizations of unfired and annealed quartz Oniya, E.O., Polymeris, G.S., Jibiri, N.N., (...), Babalola, I.A., Kitis, G. 2015 Radiation Physics and Chemistry
  3. Determination of natural radionuclides in abattoir wastes and sediments from rivers and streams around selected abattoirs in Southwest Nigeria Jibiri, N.N., Isinkaye, O.M., Ilori, O.A., Sowunmi, A.A. 2015 International Journal of Low Radiation
  4. Estimation of radiation dose to the lens of eyes of patients undergoing cranial computed tomography in a teaching hospital in Osun state, Nigeria Jibiri, N.N., Adewale, A.A. 2014 International Journal of Radiation Research
  5. Influence of entire glow-curve structure of quartz on MATAC of its 110 °c TL glow peak Oniya, E.O., Polymeris, G.S., Jibiri, N.N., (...), Babalola, I.A., Kitis, G. 2013 Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials Science
  6. Determination and evaluation of radiological risk due to indoor radon concentration levels in offices at a university faculty in ibadan southwestern nigeria Ojo, O.F., Farai, I.P., Jibiri, N.N. 2013 Indoor and Built Environment

Current Research