Dr. O.E. Awe

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Doctor O.E. Awe


Condensed matter Physics

Office: First Floor, Main Building, Department of Physics

email: oluseyi.awe@ui.edu.ng

Awards and Commendations:______


  1. Computation of infinite dilute activity coefficients of binary liquid alloys using complex formation model Awe, O.E., Oshakuade, O.M. 2016 Physica B: Condensed Matter
  2. Theoretical prediction of thermodynamic activities of all components in the Bi-Sb-Sn ternary lead-free solder system and Pb-Bi-Sb-Sn quaternary system Awe, O.E., Oshakuade, O.M. 2014 Thermochimica Acta
  3. Fabrication of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film solar cells by the spin coating technique Olopade, M.A., Awe, O.E., Awobode, A.M., Oberafo, A., Kana, M.G.Z. 2012 2012 10th IEEE International Conference on Semiconductor Electronics, ICSE 2012 - Proceedings
  4. Characterization of SnO 2:F films deposited by atmospheric pressure chemical vapour deposition for optimum performance solar cells Olopade, M.A., Awe, O.E., Awobode, A.M., Alu, N. 2012 African Review of Physics
  5. Effects of surface coordination of atoms on the surface properties of some liquid binary alloys Awe, O.E., Onifade, A. 2012

Current Research