Dr. A.A. Adetoyinbo

Personal Profile

A.A. Adetoyinbo

Lecturer I

Solid Earth Physics

Office: Room 134, Lower Vestible, Main Building, Department of Physics

email: dejiade39@yahoo.com

Awards and Commendations:______


  1. Focal depth, magnitude, and frequency distribution of earthquakes along oceanic trenches Hammed, O.S., Popoola, O.I., Adetoyinbo, A.A., (...), Badmus, G.O., Ohwo, O.B. 2013 Earthquake Science
  2. Assessment of groundwater quality in unconsolidated sedimentary coastal aquifer in Lagos State, Nigeria Adebo, B.A., Adetoyinbo, A.A. 2009 Scientific Research and Essays

Current Research