Dr. J.A. Adegoke

Personal Profile

Doctor J.A. Adegoke B.Sc. (Ibadan), Ph.D. (Manc.)


Solid Earth Physics

Office: Room B7, B Block, Department of Physics

email: adegokeja@yahoo.com

Awards and Commendations:


  1. Enhanced recovery of Bonny light crude oil from unconsolidated porous media by two Pseudomonas species Balogun, S.A., Fagade, O.E., Adegoke, J.A., Omole, O., Akaegobi, I.M. 2014 Malaysian Journal of Microbiology
  2. Stratified saturated control of bacteria migration in porous media: An experimental investigation Adegoke, J.A., Ogunjobi, A.A., Lateef, T.A. 2013 Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering
  3. Investigation of variation of diffusion coefficient in saltwater intrusion in porous media Adegoke, J.A., Popoola, O.I., Faluyi, O.O. 2013 Journal of Environmental Hydrology)
  4. Characterizing buried metallic objects in porous media from attenuation fluctuations Akinyemi, O.D., Adegoke, J.A., Salam, M.A., Badmus, B.S., Awokola, S.O. 2013 Asian Journal of Earth Sciences
  5. A case study of the depth of fresh/salt water interface using values of freshwater heads in groundwater of variable density Chowdhury, I., Dasgupta, S.P., Adegoke, J.A., Owoeye, O.I., Ozebo, V.C. 2012

Current Research